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Integrating Biology, Psychology, and Ecology to Mitigate Antibiotic Resistance in Food Animal Production Systems


<p>1. Describe and evaluate motivation and reward models for livestock care; specifically for managing animal health and treatment to develop strategies for managing work and providing feedback to workers, managers, and consultants responsible for animal health;</p><p>2. Evaluate use of non-antibiotic alternatives in calf rearing to prevent disease, reduce antibiotic use, and lower prevalence of antibiotic resistant organisms and traits.</p><p>3. Determine and model the impact of antibiotic use and excreted residues on the ecology of resistance traits and organisms and test mitigation strategies; and</p><p>4. Develop and evaluate communication approaches based on different media including social networks (real and virtual) to broadcast project results to varied local and national audiences that include producers, calf care-takers, veterinarians and Extension educators.</p>

More information

<p>The project is a complex of several projects that use a combination of survey methods, field-based clinical trials, and cohort population studies. The work incorporates ecological modeling, statistical modeling, microbiolobical approaches including aerobic and anaerobic culture, antimicrobial resistance testing, and metagenomic approaches. Extension and outreach will incorporate social media and integrative user groups.</p>

Sischo, William
Washington State University
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