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Intertribal Produce-Food Safety Training for Farm-Grown and Traditional Foods


The overarching goal isto develop a culturally appropriate modeladdressing safe food handling forHistorically Underserved Tribal producers, growers, and traditional harvesters through theTribal Produce Safety Training (TPST) Series and theProduce Safety Alliance (PSA) Food Safety Train-the-Trainer Series.ObjectivesBy 2023, design and deliver a PSA Food Safety Train-the-Trainer Series for the 1994 Land Grant Colleges and Federally Recognized Tribes Extension Program (FRTEP) Tribal Extension Agents in alliance with the North Central Region Center for Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) Training and the Indigenous Food and Agriculture Initiative, University of Arkansas School of Law, (IFAI). (September 2021-August 2022)By 2023 WTCAC and project partners will complete six (6) TPST Series that are culturally-appropriate and customized to needs for Tribal producers. Each training will be a 2-3 day series in Wisconsin, Michigan and Minnesota for Tribal Producers. (September 2021-August 2023)By 2023, WTCAC will have developed a TPST Series model that expands on these first collaborative Tribal food safety trainings; the curriculum will include training topics, resources, cultural considerations and templates for the program to be replicated long term. Topics in the curriculum include but are not limited to:a Introduction to produce safety,Food safety for wild harvested and foraged traditional Tribal foods, andCollaborative hands-on learning trainings with other sustainable agricultural and organic growers on specific production techniques, harvesting methods, farmers market food safety and other Tribally-significant foods. (September 2022-August 2023)

Mears, Jeffrey
Wisconsin Tribal Conservation Advisory Council, Inc.
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