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Investigating the Mechanisms of Drug Resistance and Pathogenicity in Clinical Escherichia Coli Isolates from Veterinary Sources


<li>Evaluate the antimicrobial susceptibility profiles in E. coli and detect the prevalence of antimicrobial-resistance genes for the resistant phenotypes.</li>
<li>Investigate the mutational changes in gyrase and regulatory genes, and assess the role of plasmids and integrons in mediating the drug resistance.</li>
<li>Characterize the molecular basis of drug resistance in E. coli displaying extended-spectrum beta-lactamase phenotypes.</li>
<li>Evaluate the virulence gene profiles of the isolates</li></ol></p>

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Responsible Division: Microbiology

Nayak, Rajesh
DHHS/FDA/CVM - Division of Animal and Food Microbiology
DHHS/FDA - National Center for Toxicological Research
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