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Investigation of Cross-reactivities Towards Peanut and Other Nuts in Relation to the Age of the Allergic Individuals


These research projects aim to find out whether age is related to the development of allergy to more than one type of nut.

<p>Children generally develop allergies to single nuts (usually peanuts), while adults tend to develop allergy to several types of nuts.

<p>This study aimed to find out why, in particular, whether there is an age-effect in the development of allergy to more than one nut.

More information

The results suggested to the researchers that nut allergy does not start in childhood with allergy to one nut species and then broaden.

<p>There is a range of different nut allergies in the population and across the ages, and exactly when the allergy is manifest as a reaction simply depends on when the individual first eats the nut.

<p>Find more about this project and other FSA food safety-related projects at the <a href="; target="_blank">Food Standards Agency Research webpage</a>.

St. Mary's Hospital, Manchester, Whithington Hospital, Manchester and Central Science Laboratory
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Project number
T07012, T07013 & T07014