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Ion Chromatography System for sample analysis


Romano 2020 Project SummaryThe objective of this Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Veterinary Laboratory Investigation andResponse Network (Vet?LIRN) Capacity Building project is to support enhanced human and animal foodsafety by strengthening the capacity, collaboration, and integration of food?safety laboratories andnetworks, thereby facilitating an effective and coordinated response to future human and animal foodsafety issues. The overall goal of the program is to complement, develop, improve and use university,state, and federal veterinary diagnostic laboratory testing capabilities. The goal of this specificapplication is to obtain funding for an ion chromatography system used to analyze biological, feed,water, and other samples for anions, including nitrate, nitrite, bromide, fluoride, chloride, and otheranions. These analyses will be used to diagnose intoxications associated with feeds or drugs, and toanalyze suspected source material. This will expand the laboratory?s capability ad capacity to performfood?safety related testing for the FDA Vet?LIRN program and investigate potential animal foodborneillness outbreaks.

Romano, Megan C
University of Kentucky
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