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IRFOS - Integration of European Food Safety Research from Producers to Consumers


<oL> <LI> Restore and emphasize the main results obtained in the areas corresponding to food safety (chemical and biological), throughout the food chain by selecting a set of projects supported both by 5th Framework Programme (FP5) and 6th Framework Programme (FP6); <LI>Help the Commission to evaluate the first results of FP6, and furthermore, in order to improve the attainment of FP6 by: <uL><LI> Coordinate the food safety research policy in Europe in respect with the national research policies (European Research Area); <LI>Underline the major topics for a coherent food safety policy in Europe.</ul> <LI>Identify and evaluate the emerging issues on food safety in Europe and open the way to future research areas; <LI>Provide the scientific background allowing a better coordination and harmonization of European food safety policies with those of other international institutions in charge of food safety (OECD, FAO, WHO...)

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Several recent crises have focused the attention in Europe on the importance of food safety and the relation between foods and consumer's health. The importance to integrate the monitoring of food safety in the concept of food chain (farm to fork / fork to farm) has been emphasized. Results of research are the main sources of information for establishing a European food policy and improving the existing legislation (Directives, etc.).

In order to reach these goals three workpackages (WP) will be set off: <BR>WP1. The Steering Group chaired by Gérard Pascal (coordinator of this proposal) and composed of eminent international and European experts will be established to give advice and monitor the activities (WP2 and WP3) undertaken to achieve the objectives. <P>WP2. The Preparatory Conference entitled "Food: New Challenges af ter a Century of Progress" will be organized in June 2004 in Paris by the Société Scientifique d'Hygiène Alimentaire (SSHA). OECD already grants its support.

For more information about this project, please visit the <a href="…; target="_blank">European Commission Food Quality and Safety in Europe</a> Web site.

Pascal, G&amp;eacute;rard
Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique
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