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Isu Vet-lirn Collaborative Validation of Testing Methods On Animal Diagnostic Spe


PROJECT SUMMARYThe proposed work is for a cooperative agreement between Iowa State University Veterinary DiagnosticLaboratory (ISU VDL) and the FDA Center for Veterinary Medicine Vet-LIRN. The FDA is lacking validatedanalytical methods for qualitative and quantitative measurement of chemicals and chemical residues insamples derived from dead or sickened animals. The ISU VDL toxicology and Nutrition Section will collaboratewith select sister Vet-LIRN labs across the country to validate analytical methods to meet purposes of thisagreement.The ISU VDL is a full service laboratory fully accredited by the AAVLD. We provide cutting edge diagnosticservices to the State of Iowa and beyond. It is a key lab in the intensely agricultural North-central AAVLDregion. The case load at the ISU VDL is unique in the nation because it is predominantly food-animal relatedand we have an excellent reputation in the area of diagnosis of animal feed contaminants and toxicants inanimal tissues, milk and eggs. The laboratory is not only the first line of defense in the area of food safety tofood animal producers across the country, but also heavily engaged in protection of pet animal health. The ISUVDL toxicology section currently offers a suite of validated tests of feed/food borne toxins in feeds and tissuesof animal origin including stomach/rumen contents, liver, kidney, fat, milk and/or eggs. For purposes of thiscooperative agreement, the ISU VDL will work with select Vet-LIRN labs to help them validate tests for whichour lab has a unique expertise in including aflatoxins, Ractopamine, ionophores, ergot alkaloids, bromethalin,Cholecalciferol, selenium, coumesterol, zearalenone and cyanotoxins. In addition we agree to validate in ourlab tests in which other labs have the most expertise. Deliverables will include validated methods from our labto collaborating Vet-LIRN labs and validation reports of methods initiated from our laboratory, training oftechnicians from other Vet-LIRN labs to become proficient in our methods, and timely completion of analyticaltasks initiated by sister labs.The ISU VDL is well equipped and staffed to positively impact the needs of the FDA as outlined in the FOA PA-13-244. As members and long-term participants in the Food Emergency Response Network (FERN) and alsoas founding members of Vet-LIRN, we have the infrastructure to report out results timely, accurately andefficiently. The quality of our work product is overseen by an independent Quality Assurance Unit.

Rumbeiha, Wilson Kiiza
Iowa State University
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