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Kansas Cooperative Agreement to Enhance Produce Safety


Produce Safety Rule Project SummarySummary of Proposed ActivityIn order to promote understanding of and compliance with the Produce Safety Rule, educational materialsprovided by the FDA will be presented to producers subject to the Rule. A system to identify pertinentlocations will be developed and those locations will be checked for compliance. Employees will attendall relevant trainings and train-the-trainer classes recommended by the FDA.Statement of Objectives and Methods to be EmployedUsing the findings from the surveys from year one, an inspection plan will be developed. Inspectors willbe trained to conduct the inspections and will work with the FDA's Kansas District Office to do jointinspections at the relevant facilities until they are sufficiently experienced to conduct the inspections ontheir own.Broad, Long Term GoalsThe long term goal of this cooperative agreement is to advance efforts for a nationally integrated foodsafety system through the planning, establishment and enhancement of a Produce Safety Program in thestate of Kansas in compliance with the FDA Produce Safety Program.

Moris, Steve
Kansas Department of Agriculture
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