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Laser Microdissection Microscope for Institute for Animal Health, Pirbright


The remit of the IAH is to understand host-pathogen interactions at a molecular level. To do this we have to be able to analyse gene expression in cells infected with pathogens and laser capture microdissection is the method of choice. <P>
This proposal justifies purchase of a laser capture microdissection system to be sited at the recently established Bioimaging Unit at the Pirbright Laboratory. The microscope will be used to study a broad range of pathogens of economic importance to UK and of threat to the UK food chain. These range from the complex protozoan Eimeria through bacteria such as Salmonella and bovine tuberculosis to the simple picornavirus responsible for Foot and Mouse disease. In each case, the effects of pathogens on host gene expression at sites of pathology and persistence will be characterised at a molecular level. The microscope will also be used to determine how changes in virus genome in vivo correlate with persistence and virulence.

Institute for Animal Health
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