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MA State Lab Food Testing Program


AbstractThe Massachusetts State Public Health Laboratory (MA SPHL) is requesting funding from RFA-FD-19-018 Maintenance and Enhancement of ISO/IEC 17025 Accreditation and Whole GenomeSequencing for State Food Testing Laboratories in order to maintain accreditation to the ISO17025 Standard for the nine current methods on scope, as well as to explore adding additionalmethods in the upcoming year. The MA SPHL is committed to producing the highest qualityresults from the testing performed at the lab, and therefore are committed to maintaining aquality management system that assures that. By maintaining accreditation to the ISO 17025standard, both laboratory management and the FDA can be assured of the quality of the resultsgenerated here at the lab. Over the next year, the MA SPHL will complete all required routinesurveillance of manufactured food samples, and report all results to eLEXNET. The lab willcomplete annual proficiency tests, all review of SOPs, internal audits and external assessmentsby the accreditation body as described in the standard.

Stiles, Tracy
Massachusetts Department of Public Health
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