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Goal 1: Enhancing the labor force participation in the US agricultural sector. Doing so, will sustain the domestic agricultural production as the demand for foods and agricultural products is expected to increase, and as the COVID-19 pandemic have revealed the vulnerability of international supply chain systems.Objective1:Implement a replicable system that will expose about 200 students/year to agricultural knowledge, regardless of their majors.Goal 2: Grasping causes of misconceptions about agricultural jobs, and then provide narratives that will increase the awareness of students and US families on the nobleness of agriculture, and that will enable policymakers to reach the same goal. In this project, this goal will be reached through specific research projects that will be conducted by the investigators.Objective 2:?Conduct about five research projects that will lead to the awareness of students and their family members on promising paths available to students majoring fields, and provide knowledge needed for policymakers to come up with efficient policy apt to boost labor force participation in the US agricultural sector.

Bashir, S.; Kitenge, Er, .; Berry-west, We, .; Swinehart, Ka, .
Central State University
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