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Maximizing US corn value and food safety: translating historical data into practical mycotoxin management strategies


The main goal of the proposed research is to develop an integrated strategy for mycotoxin monitoring and management in commodity corn that leverages the capability of all supply chain actors to proactively interveneto prevent mycotoxin development and to preserve the overall value of U.S. corn.Mycotoxins are considred bymany stakeholdersto bethe most significant food safety hazard (human and animal) associated with corn, and the work will be undertakenwith a focus ontheMidwest, where the vast majority of U.S. corn is produced. It will be approached via three main objectives:Establish and engage an advisory panel to guide the development of recommendations and documents for mycotoxin monitoring and management in commodity corn that are both useful and practical to implement in the supply chain.Determine the frequency and severity of historic mycotoxin occurrence in the principal corn-growing region of the United States, as influenced by environmental and climactic conditions, and the timing of these conditions as they relate to specific developmental milestones for corn growing in the field.Identify early-season and at-harvest (indirect) predictors of mycotoxin risk in commodity corn to enable minimal cost mitigation and management along the commodity corn supply chain, from farm to end-user.

Bowers, E. L.
Iowa State University
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