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Meat Quality, Safety, and Biosecurity


<OL> <LI>One aim of the project is to evaluate technologies that will result in a higher quality meat supply and increased demand for meat. <LI>A second goal is to enhance consumer perception of meat quality and safety. <LI>The third aim of the project is to develop recommendations to meat industry stakeholders that will result in improved meat cookery technologies, meat pasteurization, meat additives, and meat packaging and color.

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Non-Technical Summary: Meat quality, safety, and security are very important issues for Kansas, the United States, and internationally. This proposal will address pertinent issues related to these three focus areas with particular emphasis on issues that impact industry profitability and competitiveness. <P> Approach: Ante-mortem and postmortem treatments, technologies, and packaging and display strategies will be evaluated for their impacts on meat color, palatability, microbiological quality and safety.

Dikeman, Michael
Kansas State University
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