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Michigan State University Proposal for FY 2011 Pesticide Safety Education Program Funds


The purpose of this grant is to assist Michigan State University in developing and administering programs to train pesticide applicators consistent with the standards prescribed by USDA to allow them to apply restricted use pesticides.

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Non-Technical Summary: <BR>The federal law requires that the state based Cooperative Extension Service provide the training needed to get applicators certified to apply restricted use pesticides. Through this very small USDA NIFA grant we are partially meeting the objective. <P> Approach: <BR> We will do this by: 1. developing and coordinating initial and re-certification education programs or hands on activities to train applicators, 2. developing and updating manuals and other training materials, 3. developing a web site to deliver pesticide safety information, and 4. coordinate planning and activities with the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development Pesticide and Plant Pest Management Division.

Olsen, Larry
Michigan State University
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