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Michigan State University VDL Vet-LIRN 2019


PAR-18-604 Vet-LIRN Network Capacity-Building ProjectMichigan State UniversityProject SummaryThe Toxicology Section of the Michigan State University Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory works in coordinationwith the FDA Vet-LIRN and the Food Emergency Response Network (FERN) to monitor, test, and report onchemical food contaminants in an effort to provide effective communication of laboratory findings to protect thenation's food/feed supply. Testing of food products for chemical residues, including antimicrobial drugs and thenaturally occurring fungal contaminant mycotoxins, are routinely performed by liquid chromatography tandemmass spectrometry. Newer methods for the detection of multiple drug residues in food products (Becker et al,2004; Aguilera-Luiz et al, 2008; Heller et al, 2006, Tang et al, 2012) have been described for ultra-highperformance liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometers. The acquisition of a UPLC-MS/MS wouldgreatly enhance our current capabilities and provide surge capacity with high throughput for Vet-LIRN and FERN-directed product testing. In addition, high throughput testing would allow the MSU VDL to expand its testofferings, thus allowing for increased market surveillance and reporting.

Reams, Rachel
Michigan State University
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