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Microbial and Plant Genomics Institute


<ul> <LI> Foster research in molecular biology, genetics, and genomics of agriculturally and economically important plants and microorganisms and relevant model systems. <LI> Investigate genetic and genomic manipulation strategies for application of crop and environmental improvement.<LI> Educate future plant and microbial molecular genetic and genomic researchers and teachers. <LI> Maintain an stimulating interdisciplinary environment in which to explore and develop new ideas and experimental approaches in plant and microbial genetics and genomics.<LI> Provide a focus for external communication to aid outreach, recruitment, and funding.

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Non-Technical Summary: Crop Improvement and Environmental Improvement requires cooperation between scientist in multiple research units and areas. The Microbial and Plant Genomics Institute (MPGI) promotes development innovative solutions and technologies to agricultural and environmental problems based on recent findings in biology by fostering cooperation and interaction among institute members to strengthening projects in plant and microbial molecular genetic and genomic research and by assisting in the education of future scientists in basic and applied agricultural sciences. <P> Approach: Pay base salary for a faculty member whose job description and search were developed by MPGI faculty. Provide graduate research assistantships and postdoctoral fellowships to personnel working with MPGI faculty. Coordinate a special topics series in which outstanding scientists visit campus for intensive research meetings and seminars, and hold classes and discussions with students. Sponsor bi-weekly presentation by lab associated with MPGI faculty. Provide travel grants to graduate students and postdoctoral associat3es in MPGI labs. Sponsor seminar series for NAS members to come to campus to give seminars and interact with students and postdocs. Hold seminar series introducing MPGI faculty and students to latest technologies. Sponsor and annual retreat for all MPGI faculty, students and staff to hear outside speakers, promote discussions of novel research, review MPGI activity and plans, ad build a stronger scientific community. Promote opportunities fro MPGI faculty to work together to pursue external funding that targets multidisciplinary, multi-departmental, and multi-collegial proposals in the areas of microbial and plant genetics and genomica and related fields.

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University of Minnesota
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