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Microbial Ecology of Human Pathogens Relative to Poultry Processing


<ol> <li>Determine the role that outside environmental sources of Listeria monocytogenes
play in the presence of this pathogen in poultry further processing facilities.
<li>Develop and test intervention strategies to eliminate L. monocytogenes and
Campylobacter from meat products or processing plant surfaces. <li> Evaluate gene
expression profiles of L. monocytogenes and C. jejuni in conditions relevant to
poultry processing environments.<li> Evaluate the influence of animal agriculture on
Campylobacter in the environment. </ol>

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Poultry products are commonly associated with the human pathogens Campylobacter and Listeria. The processing plant is a post-harvest site in which numerous manipulations are made to the poultry product, many of which may impact the microbial quality of the product. This research project is designed to study the distribution and dispersion of bacterial pathogens in poultry processing plants and poultry products. The goal is to develop information so that knowledge-based methods can be developed to improve the microbiological quality of poultry products. Sub-types of organisms will be studied to determine if they are specific for the poultry processing ecosystems from which they are derived. Gene expression will be examined in order to find genes that are regulated in response to environmental conditions or are growth phase specific. As work progresses, the results of these efforts may uncover possibilities for definition of critical control points or potential intervention strategies.

Meinersmann, Richard; Berrang, Mark
USDA - Agricultural Research Service
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