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Microbial Mapping II. Determining Microbiological Counts on Beef Carcasses, Wholesale Cuts and Retail Cuts, to Assist Those in the Fabrication, Distribution and Retailing Sectors to Deliver Safe Beef to Retail Customers


<p>Previous research has demonstrated that beef packers have invested enormous time and resources, and are generally succeeding, in efforts to decrease the presence of pathogens on carcasses. While several factors, such as handling, fabrication, packaging and distribution of beef products can cause further contamination, it is important to find out where the potential contamination is most likely to occur. This study evaluated the microbial profile of beef carcasses, wholesale cuts and retail cuts as they moved through the beef chain.</p>

<p>A total of six slaughter/dressing facilities were evaluated across the United States. Beef cuts from the various sectors were evaluated for aerobic plate count (APC), total coliform count (TCC), generic Escherichia coli (ECC) and the presence/absence of Salmonella and Listeria monocytogenes. Retail cuts were also evaluated for Staphylococcus aureus counts (SAC).</p>

Belk, Keith; Smith, Gary; Sofos, John
Colorado State University
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