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Minor Use Animal Drugs


<ol> <LI>To determine the drug needs of producers of minor species for the treatment and prevention of economically important diseases in their livestock. <LI>To develop and implement research protocols for generating data necessary to attain Food an Drug Administration approval of those drugs in order that they may legally be administered to the minor species in question.

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Non-Technical Summary: There are too few drugs approved for minor species. The project coordinates activity to get drugs approved for minor species. The purpose is to get drugs approved for use in minor species or minor uses in major species. <P> Approach: 1) Conduct surveys of veterinarians, producers of minor species, Departments of Animal Science, Poultry Science, Dairy Science, and Colleges of Veterinary Medicine in the Southern Region (U.S.) to determine drug needs and establish priorities for research funding. 2) Work with the FDA officials and representatives from the pharmaceutical firms to develop protocols and subsequently conduct the necessary research to attain FDA approval of these drugs in minor food animal species. Maintain a web site for both public access and internal project management

Vickroy, Tom
University of Florida
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