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Modular Facilities for Production of Aflatoxin Biocontrol Products


<p>Perform research on low cost manufacture of aflatoxin biological control products with the goal of developing a process that can be readily transferred to various stakeholders and can be incrementally increased in a modular fashion. Work will include development of procedures and materials for transfer of the developed technology to stakeholders and the provision of technical support for the transfer process.</p>

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<p>Biological control products based on atoxigenic strains of Aspergillus flavus currently in development in several African nations need to be produced in a low cost fashion at quantities that will permit scaling up. These studies will focus on laboratory and small scale developing protocols and methods for production that can be increased to production of commercial scale quantities of atoxigenic strain biocontrol products. Emphasis will be on developing methods that can be scaled up incrementally and can be transferred in a practical manner to partners in participating nations. Material methods and support will be developed for the process of establishing manufacture of atoxigenic strains in facilities in collaborating nations.</p>

Cotty, P. J.
USDA - Agricultural Research Service
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