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Mycotoxins: Biosecurity and Food Safety


<OL> <LI> Develop data for use in risk assessment of mycotoxins in human and animal health. <LI> Develop new techniques and improve current assays to identify and measure mycotoxins and mycotoxigenic fungi in cereal grains.<LI> Establish integrated strategies to manage and to prevent mycotoxin contamination in cereal grains.

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Non-Technical Summary: Mycotoxin contamination of feedstuffs and their associated animals toxicosis reduce profitability for farmers and may result in negative residues in animal derived food products. This project will evaluate the problem of mycotoxin contamination in feedstuff in the Intermountain West and examines tools for prevention and reduction of their associated effects on livestock production. <P> Approach: 1. Samples will be collected from the Intermountain West of both concentrate feedstuffs and forages to access level of contamination in this region. Samples will be analyzed at the Utah State University Mycotoxin lab by HPLC methods and other AOAC approved methods. 2. Experiments will be conducted to investigate potential biomarkers for mycotoxins exposure in agricultural animal species. 3. Programs will be carried out with local feedmills to implement HACCP to control mycotoxin contamination. Experiments will be conducted to evaluate potential mycotoxin adsorbents in reducing the effects of mycotoxins in producing livestock.

Diaz, Duarte
Utah State University
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