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Nevada State Health Division Conformance With Manufactured Food Regulatory Progra


Project Summary/Abstract This project illustrates the Nevada State Health Division Environmental Health ServicesProgram's intention to achieve and maintain full conformance with the Food and DrugAdministration's Manufactured Food Regulatory Program Standards (MFRPS) within five years. The Nevada State Health Division anticipates conformance with 5 program standards bythe start of the second year of funding. Conformance with program standards 5, 6 and 10 willbe achieved by making the above listed actions as improvements to existing elements of ourfood safety. This funding opportunity will provide the program resources necessary to achieveconformance with program standard 8. The Nevada State Health Division has alreadysubmitted a self-assessment to the FDA and, following review and comment, the first priority willbe to develop a strategic plan which will provide conformance with program standard 9. TheNevada State Health Division anticipates conformance with an additional two programstandards by the 3rd year of funding. Conformance with program standard 4 will be achieved bymirroring the FDA's audit program. Conformance with program standard 7 will coincide withindustry public workshops and meetings required to develop and adopt manufactured foodregulations. Conformance with the remaining three program standards will be achieved by the5th year of funding. Conformance with program standard 1 will occur when regulationsgoverning food manufacturing are adopted. Based on the time required to adopt our currentfood establishment regulations, the Nevada State Health Division estimates a minimum three-year process to develop and adopt regulations. Training for staff conducting inspections of foodprocessing plants will occur every year of funding; however, conformance with programstandard 2 can only be completed when food regulations are in place. Similarly, risk-basedprioritized inspections of food processing plants will occur during every year of funding;however, conformance with program standard 3 can only be included when regulations detailinga formal food recall program are adopted.

Ulch, Cynthia Louise
Nevada Department of Health and Human Services
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