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New and Emerging Salmonella Serovars; Epidemiological, Risk-Based and Molecular Approaches to Their Identification and Control


<OL> <LI> Study epidemic and non-epidemic strains at the molecular level to identify possible markers of epidemicity <LI>Uutilise this new data and current knowledge bases to establish epidemiological models of Salmonella in a farmed animal species, which for the purposes of this focused study will be cattle<LI>Collate enhanced datasets [to include genetic analysis] to redefine the principal epidemiological question(s) <LI>Use this dataset to develop further enhanced evidence-based sampling protocols that will feed into risk models, spatial analytical models and identify knowledge gaps <LI>Develop statistical theory, code and GIS visualisation to be applied to broader Salmonella datasets such that ultimately <LI>Intervention and contingency plans are developed.

Veterinary Laboratories Agency, UK
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