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New Mexico Department of Agriculture Maintenance of the Animal Feed Regulatory Program Standards


PROJECT ABSTRACTThe maintenance of the Animal Feed Regulatory Program Standards (AFRPS) will be carried outby the New Mexico Department of Agriculture (NMDA), Feed, Seed and Fertilizer (FSF)Section utilizing the resources and processes established during the implementation process. TheFSF section will continue to use iPassport for controlling all AFRPS documents and materials,manage the frequency of document reviews and to assign reviews as needed. The FSF sectionwill continue to use USAPlants to maintain data for feed, seed and fertilizer regardingregistration information, tonnage, regulatory compliance, inspections, samples, complaints andenforcement actions. FSF staff will participate and be fully transparent in audits and discussionswith the FDA to identify shortcomings and pitfalls encountered in order to either modify thestandards or assist the FDA in improving cooperation and regulatory activities with NM as wellas other state programs. It is anticipated that this project will further develop beneficialpartnerships, an adequate availability of technical expertise, well versed personnel providingregulatory oversight and compliance assistance, and a federal state relationship ultimatelyresulting in a successful nationally integrated feed safety system.

Laney, Katie
New Mexico State University
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