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Next Generation Techniques for Microbiological and Chemical Food Safety


Significant advances in diagnostic techniques have provided higher throughput, more rapid results and greater sensitivity in both food microbiology and chemistry. This project will provide the opportunity to assess the use of these next generation technologies in supporting product quality and safety from both these perspectives. The experimental work will focus on six key areas: same-day microbial identification using Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption Ionisation-Time of Flight analysis; evaluation of portable analytical devices for 'on the spot' testing for pathogens and spoilage/indicator organisms; development of a microbial profiling protocol to assess changes in populations during spoilage and fermentation; allergen detection by liquid chromatography mass spectroscopy; migration modelling of packaging components in products during storage; and development of an analytical screen for legal inks and food dyes.

Jordan, Suzanne
Campden BRI
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