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NMSACC-PCVD - Towards Improved Food Quality and Safety within EU New Member States and Associated Candidate Countries


PCVD-affected herds have a greatly increased incidence of secondary salmonella and other zoonotic pathogens and the use of antibiotics in PCVD-affected herds is substantially increased. Food quality is affected by slower growth rates, reduced juiciness, tenderness and an increased boar taint.
This SSA will enable 22 institutes in 10 NMSs and 3 ACCs to be directly linked to an established STREP. This STREP (Control of porcine circovirus diseases (PCVDs): Towards Improved Food Quality and Safety: Project number 513928; Acronym PCVD was funded within Task 6.8 of the Priority thematic area 5, Food Quality and Safety.

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This SSA will allow NMSs and ACCs to benefit from the expansion of reagents, information and training opportunities on PCVD and other pig diseases important in food safety. The study and introduction of control measures will result in the reduction of use of antibiotics and secondary zoonotic bacterial infections, upgrading of pig welfare and food safety thereby meeting consumer concerns for quality and safety of pork products.<P>
The SSA linking NMSs and ACCs to the PCVD STREP, will result in a multidisciplinary network of over 37 partners. The envisaged harmonisation of reagents, dissemination of information and training of young researchers in a network of international standing will consolidate and strengthen the globally acknowledged centre of expertise on PCVD within the EU. The interactions established within this proposed SSA will assist in preparations for future Community research activities. The objectives are relevant to the criteria outlined for SSAs and the Priority 5 work programme in that they promote and facilitate the dissemination, transfer, exploitation, assessment and/or broad take-up of results that directly address Area 5.4 6, Task 6 .8 of the published Work Programme. The SSA will also contribute to the strategic objectives of the European research area and will help to prepare NMSs and ACCs for future RTD activities.

<P>For more information about this project, please visit the <a href="…; target="_blank">European Commission Food Quality and Safety in Europe</a> or the <a href="; target="_blank">NMSACC-PCVD </a> Web sites.

Allan, Gordon
Queen's University - Belfast
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