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North Central Region IR-4 Minor Crop Pest Management


The goals of the program FY2019 are to identify pest management needs for specialty crops in the north-central region, to participate in the stakeholder prioritization of solutions at the national level, to conduct field research and analytical studies that develop the information to obtain clearances and label additions from EPA and the registrant to meet these needs, and, finally, to make information available on the status and progress of these studies and their final outcome to growers and other stakeholders.Specific Objectives1.To obtain and maintain regulatory clearances of effective crop protection agents for high-value, minor/specialty food crops and for minor uses on major food crops with special emphasis on reduced risk chemistries and uses that are compatible with IPM programs.2.To support research to enhance the development and registration of biopesticides for use in food and non-food pest management programs.3.To support research on crop protection products that will help to expand their uses on ornamental crops (nursery, floral, turf and other non-food crop systems) to allow improved management of new and/or important pests.

Wise, John
Michigan State University
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