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A novel rapid environmental test for the human pathogen Legionella


Traditional microbiological culture for Legionella bacteria takes up to 14 days to provide a result. While some rapid methodologies have been developed they require 2-3 tests to be completed meaning it can take 3 days for a result and they also require capital investments in costly specialised equipment. Bio-LP-1 is a novel rapid test which has the capacity to transform the environmental global testing landscape for the human pathogen Legionella. Bio-LP-1’s unique selling point is that it provides a complete identification of Legionella to the serogroup level in a single test using molecular technologies. This is a diagnostic breakthrough, as all existing competitors can only offer 2 or 3 stage molecular tests to generate the equivalent result. The single test Bio-LP-1 product format is 5 x FASTER than the nearest competitor, Offers €319,200 pa savings for large test laboratories conducting at least 50,000 tests per year. Bio-LP-1 – offers a faster time to result; yields more robust information; requires less hands on time; requires no specialised equipment and ultimately has the potential for significant cost savings. Current estimates predict that the global legionella testing market will reach $352.6 million by 2025 and that the water testing market is the fastest growing sector. We have a best in class consortium: BPD - European experts in development and commercialisation of rapid microbial diagnostic solutions. myPOLs - leader in molecular biology reagent manufacturing. Genaxxon - European leader in sales of innovative molecular IVD products)
Control Microbiológico - ENAC accredited large environmental testing laboratory.) BPD and myPOLS have previously collaborated in the development of Bio-Lp-1, over past 12 months to bring Bio-LP-1 to TRL 6

Bioprobe Diagnostics Ltd
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