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NOVELQ - Novel Processing Methods for the Production and Distribution of High-Quality and Safe Foods


NovelQ brings together acknowledged European expertise in science [incl. social] and technology and a substantial Industry Advisory Platform, [IAP] 50% SME, to address incremental innovations in novel processing (NP) and packaging. Europe already has a competitive position based on patents and expertises, represented here, and NovelQ will extend and strengthen this competitive advantage. High pressure, pulsed electrical field, cold plasma and advanced heating technologies [together with optimal packaging schemes to avoid migration problems] are included. New products and processes will be developed and demonstrated (10 examples).

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The IAP will exploit and promote these and identify bottlenecks to be examined in the project. Food manufacturers and machinery suppliers are involved to optimise cross-sectorial innovations. Best practices will be disseminated in (new) Member States/INCO countries via established networks. Opportunities will be promoted for healthy and differentiated quality foods produced via NP approaches that are sustainable and eco-friendly. This innovative approach involves consortium of 25 experienced partners and over 30 industries. The management of the project, highly experienced in innovation projects, will create an innovation culture; consortium partners represent all segments of the innovation circle and the project is led by an organisation highly experienced in FP6 - best practices in management/administration will thus be readily included and absorbed.
The consortium has access to all basic, expensive, pilot NP facilities including unique prototypes, owned by the partners. These factors, together with the priority paid to effective dissemination and technology transfer will ensure maximum stakeholder impact of NovelQ. Younger scientists and women researchers will gain research experience and will be trained so as to make them better communicators and team players hence, better able to exploit the opportunities of the ERA.
<P>For more information about this project, please visit the <a href="…; target="_blank">European Commission Food Quality and Safety in Europe</a> or the <a href="; target="_blank">NOVELQ</a> Web sites.

de Vries, Huug
Agrotechnology and Food Innovations BV
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