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NSF-RISE: Enhancement of Research and Educational Infrastructure in Nanobiomaterials Science and Engineering at Tuskegee University


The Historically Black Colleges and Universities Research Infrastructure for Science and Engineering (HBCU-RISE) activity within the Centers of Research Excellence in Science and Technology (CREST) program supports the development of research capability at HBCUs that offer doctoral degrees in science and engineering disciplines. HBCU-RISE projects have a direct connection to the long-term plans of the host department(s) and the institutional mission, and plans for expanding institutional research capacity as well as increasing the production of doctoral students in science and engineering. With support from the National Science Foundation, Tuskegee University (TU) will implement comprehensive strategies designed to expand TU's research capabilities and using the research projects to enhance the educational experiences of the students. The combined research and education efforts are expected to expand the participation of groups underrepresented in Materials Science and Engineering and support the nation's efforts in building a robust STEM workforce. This project has the potential to be a model for increasing the number of minority students pursuing STEM degree programs and careers and addressing the deficit of female and minority faculty members in the discipline of Materials Science and Engineering.<br/><br/>This project will be carried out in TU's Department of Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) with three components:a) research in nanobiomaterials from natural waste, b) development of a minor course for undergraduates in MSE, and c) support the careers of young faculty members in MSE. The research projects will generate new knowledge about the use of waste materials to produce sustainable products and address the serious environmental issue of dealing with waste products by conducting the following: 1) chemical synthesis and analysis, surface studies, processing and performance evaluation of a variety of nanobiomaterials derived from natural waste; 2) development of biocompatible and biodegradable polymer scaffolds for biomedical applications and 3) development of food packaging polymer composite films with antimicrobial and pathogen resistance. The project will provide start-up funds for junior faculty members and offer a minor in Materials Science and Engineering for all STEM undergraduates at TU with the intention of increasing the pool of students entering the graduate program.

Zainuddin, Shaik; Rangari, Vijaya; Samuel, Temesgen; Hosur, Mahesh
Tuskegee University
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