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One-two Punch For Organic Poultry Processing: Knocking Out Foodborne Pathogens With Plant Antimicrobials


<p>The long-term goal of this proposal integrating research, extension and education is to provide organic poultry producers with natural, effective, and safe strategies for improving the post-harvest microbiological safety and shelf life of organic poultry products. The specific objectives of the proposed research are to: Reduce Salmonella counts on eggs using natural, food-grade plant compounds (eugenol, carvacrol, and B-resorcylic acid) applied as a post-harvest antimicrobial wash, spray, fumigation or coating treatment; Reduce Salmonella and Campylobacter counts on poultry carcasses using plant derived, food-grade compounds (eugenol, carvacrol, B-resorcylic acid) at critical control points in the processing line (scalding and chill tank) or applied as a coating treatment; Determine the quality, shelf life and consumer acceptability of poultry carcasses and eggs subjected to the aforementioned interventions; and conduct a Benefit-Cost assessment of organic egg/carcass disinfection process and operation. The outreach/extension objectives of this proposal are to: Provide food safety and processing workshops for organic poultry producers; Disseminate research results from this project to the organic poultry community, through conferences, electronic and printed materials, and training activities in a research and teaching oriented organic poultry facility; Conduct outreach to organic poultry producers, avian health professionals, extension specialists and other stakeholder regarding the objectives and results of this project; and Measure the impact of extension and education efforts.</p>

Fanatico A; Donoghue A M
Appalachian State University
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