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Optimization of Line-Scan Imaging Spectrograph on Online Food Inspection


The overall objectives are to join the resources and expertise of ARS and the Cooperator to refine and enhance the optics and spectrometer/spectrograph components of the line-scan hyperspectral/multispectral and/or multi-channel image-based inspection systems. The spectroscopic imaging techniques in use include fluorescence, visible/near-infrared, near infrared, and short wave infrared reflectance spanning the spectrum range from 380 nm to 2500 nm. The goal is to optimize and ruggedize the optical and spectrographic components of the FSL line-scan imaging-based inspection systems suitable for operation in harsh commercial processing environments. <P>The Cooperator will work with USDA-ARS to develop spectrograph/spectrometer techniques to both integrate detector subsystems and to calibrate these spectrometer systems for specific wavelength requirements dictated by the specific food application being scanned and processed. The objective being a standard means and process for consistent calibration which will be used as a standard within the food processing application sectors. These efforts may require the development of radiometric calibration techniques for the deployment of radiometrically-calibrated spectrographs and spectrometers for process line scanning and imaging in harsh environments.

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Approach: Integrate, test, and deploy the Cooperator's state-of-the-art concentric spectrometers and spectrographs to optimize the line/scan hyperspectral/multispectral image-based online inspection systems based on visible/near-infrared reflectance (400 nm - 1000 nm), fluorescence (380 nm - 780 nm), near infrared (900 nm 1700 nm), and short wave infrared (1000 nm 2500 nm) imaging technologies developed by ARS and (2) conduct testing of the commercial line-scan hyperspectral/multispectral image-based inspection systems for a prolonged period of time at the FSL, other U.S. Government agencies and departments, food/agriculture processing plants, and partner facilities.

Kim, Moon
USDA - Agricultural Research Service
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