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Pacific Food Safety Education and Training Collaborative


The goals of this Collaborative Education and Training Project are designed to engage underserved Pacific communities in food safety education and training and address common food safety issues. A collaborative of food safety experts from Oregon State University, University of Guam, Northern Marianas College, University of Hawaii, University of Idaho and American Samoa, will partner with the Western Regional Center to Enhance Food Safety and community representatives to adapt and build educational materials and deliver trainings. We will recruit local farm operators, processors, packinghouse owners, cooperatives and extension agents across the food industry. Building on prior site visits that identified needs and knowledge gaps in FSMA and general food safety, this proposal is designed to "meet people where they are" and work with diverse participants to reduce these gaps, build resilency and develop a cadre of in-region trainers. The Collaborative proposes the following objectives: 1) Create the Pacific Food Safety Education and Training Collaborative between 1862 Institutions, Native Hawaiian Serving Institutions, and multiple Pacific Insular Areas to address food safety issues; 2) Adapt existing curricula and develop new educational materials to address specific crops and cultural practices; 3) Conduct on-line train-the-trainer series, community site visits and in-person workshops with stakeholders at locations throughout the Collaborative; and 4) Evaluate the impact and utility of trainings and educational materials. These objectives are aligned with USDA's Strategic Goal 2 to ensure America's agricultural system is equitable, resilient, and prosperous and Strategic Goal 4 to provide all Americans safe, nutritious food.

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