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Pathogenesis and Diagnosis of Pasteurellosis


The various forms of pasteurellosis associated with Mannheimia (Pasteurella) haemolytica, Pasteurella trehalosi and P. multocida infections are important diseases affecting ruminants and are significant causes of animal distress as well as economic losses to the farming industry. Vaccination is generally regarded as the most desirable means of control for both diseases. Identification of the immunologically important components of the bacterial cell, understanding of the host immune mechanisms and knowledge of bacterial pathogenesis will provide the scientific basis for constructing improved vaccines against these endemic diseases. It is essential to identify, isolate and characterise the immunologically significant antigens which play a role in immunity.

In this project M.haemolytica and P.multocida cells were grown in standardised conditions and analysed by 2 dimensional polyacrylamide gel electropherosis (2-D PAGE) and then the individual proteins were anlaysed by mass spectrometry. The Pasteurella components identified can now be assessed as candidates for vaccine inclusion.

Moredun Research Institute
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