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Pennsylvania Surveillance for Antimicrobial Resistant-enteric Bacteria in Retail Food


Pennsylvania Surveillance for Antimicrobial Resistant-enteric Bacteria in Retail FoodAbstractAntimicrobial resistance in human pathogens from contaminated food products includingSalmonella from poultry meat and Acinetobacter from shrimps is of great concern. Pennsylvaniais motivated to participate in National Antimicrobial Monitoring System (NARMS) retail foodsurveillance for two reasons. First, the program will enable us to contribute to the FDA'sregulatory oversight for antibiotics, which directly benefits our residents. Second, it will enableus to strengthen integrated surveillance for enteric bacteria by using whole genome sequencingto compare bacteria from food samples with bacteria isolated from patients. This comparisonfacilitates outbreak investigations, trace-back of contaminated products, and prioritization ofinterventions such as facility inspections by regulators. Analyses of integrated genomics datafrom food and human sources will also enhance surveillance for antimicrobial resistance inenteric bacteria. This project will result in better coordination and exchange of data and isolateswith the FDA and expand high resolution detection of and response to emerging drug-resistantpathogens. improved timelines of the surveillance system. Additionally, our efforts willimprove data quality and completeness of records and will support the use of NARMS findingsto improve One Health antimicrobial stewardship in food production and healthcare settings.

M'ikanatha, Nkuchia Mugambi
Pennsylvania Department of Health
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