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Perfloroctansulphonic Acid (PFOS), Perluorooctanoic Acid (PFOA) and Related Compounds in Food, Development and Validation of a Method and Analysis of Total Diet Study Samples


An analytical method was developed and validated for the detection of PFOS and related fluorochemicals at low levels in food and beverages. The method was further validated by participation in the collaborative trial - 1st worldwide interlaboratory study on perfluorinated compounds in human and environmental matrices.

This method was then applied to the analysis of the 2004 Total Diet Study samples. The individual food samples had been composited into single pools for each of the 20 designated food groups.
PFOS type chemicals were provisionally identified at low levels in TDS group 12 potatoes, TDS group 13 other vegetables and TDS group 14 canned vegetables.

Higher concentrations of PFOS chemicals can be observed in other individual samples, such as fish, that are not composited.

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Clarke, Don
Central Science Laboratory
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