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Pesticide Safety Education Program


Our goal is to certify and train pesticide applicators so they will be competent to use pesticides in a manner that will not harm themselves, the general public, or the environment. The project will train people who use pesticides to raise crops (private applicators or farmers) and people who apply pesticides for commercial/public purposes. Ohio has 15,500 private applicators and 12,500 commercial applicators.The project anticipates certifying or recertifying about 8000 private and commerical applicators.

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Non-Technical Summary: <BR>The OSU Extension Pesticide Safety Education Program was established in response to the public's concern that pesticide use should be regulated. The mission of the program is to provide outreach and train pesticide users in the safe, effective and legal use of pesticides to protect human health and the environment. <P> Approach: <BR> We will develop curricula and educational materials such as DVD's, powerpoints, web-based lessons, study manuals and applicator certification exams. We will deliver regional commercial training sessions and provide train the trainer for county extension educators to deliver private applicator training programs.

Kick-Raack, Joanne
Ohio State University
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