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Pesticide Safety Education Program


The goals and objectives of this program are to provide appropriate education and training to individuals who are or will become certified pesticide applicators that will allow them to safely and properly use pesticides. This will include using IPM methods to determine whether pesticides are the appropriate pest management approach, selecting an effective pesticide product with the least potential negative effects, applying the products properly, and protecting the environment, non-target organisms.

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Non-Technical Summary: <BR>Each year approximately 3500 private applicators are either initially certified or re-certified and over 800 commercial applicators are initially certified and approximately 2700 commercial applicators re-certified. Trained and certified pesticide applicators will be better able to determine whether using a pesticide is the best choice to manage a pest problem. If that is determined the applicator will use the pesticides safely and properly resulting in reduced risk to the environment, non-target organisms (including humans) and to the applicators themselves. <P> Approach: <BR> Educational activities will include: presenting educational programs or hands-on environments; developing and updating manuals and other training materials; developing and/or coordination re-certification education programs; informing pesticide applicators of programs and materials though newsletter and web sites; and other educational programs that are effective. Applicators will be asked to evaluate the program's usefulness and effectiveness in assisting them in making safe and proper pesticide applications.

Wilson, James
South Dakota State University
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