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Pesticide Safety Education Program


Goals: Certify 100 new private and/or commercial applicators. Re-certify 1500 private and/or commercial applicators. Continue certification of 4000 new general use applicators (food production for human consumption only). These new applicators must be certified by March 1, 2015. <P>Outputs: Training meetings, online training, sprayer clinics, pest identification clinics, field days, and twilight meetings.

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Non-Technical Summary:<br/>
By a memorandum of understanding with the Maine Department of Agriculture Board of Pesticides Control, University of Maine Cooperative Extension will provide educational opportunities for pesticide applicators in the state of Maine to be trained in the safe and proper use of pesticides. These educational opportunities will provide the information to allow users to pass initial certification tests required by state law through the Maine Board of Pesticides Control. Extension will provide re-certification opportunities annually.
Hands-on demonstrations (especially regarding calibration), online training opportunities, interactive teaching opportunities, exams and quizzes, and surveys on behavioral and knowledge changes.

Dill, James
University of Maine
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