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Phytochemicals as Modulators of Disease: Analysis of Phytochemical Bioavailability and Metabolism


<Ol> <LI> To develop a valid in vitro assay for measurement of the bioavailability of selected flavonoids and other phytochemicals from foods. <LI>To determine factors affecting alterations in the bioavailability of selected flavonoids and other phytochemicals due to processing/preparation of foods. <LI>To investigate the impact of the bioavailability and metabolism of phytochemicals on phytochemical-modulated physiological parameters.

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An in vitro assay will be developed to mimic the physiological digestion of selected phytochemical containing food samples. In vitro assay results will be compared with those in vivo to aid in identification of biologically active vs. inactive components. The effect of processing/preparation of foods on the release and bioavailability of phytochemicals will then be determined. Bioavailability and metabolism effects of selected phytochemicals on physiological parameters associated with disease will then be examined.

Haley-Zitlin, Vivian
Clemson University
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