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A Pilot Study to Estimate the Nature and Extent of Adherence to Government Guidance on Safe Egg Use in the Catering Industry


This research project obtained preliminary data concerning the nature and extent of adherence to Government guidelines on the safe use of eggs in catering.

<p>This pilot study, conducted in the Preston area, was designed to overcome some of the methodological difficulties of research in the 'catering' industry by identifying clearly the sectors to be investigated, taking a representative sample within each sector and using an investigative case study approach to data collection.

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Twenty-five nursing homes, restaurants, sandwich operations and function caterers were visited over a two-month period. The evidence from on-site interviews, observation and examination of documentation was subsequently analysed.

<p>The results showed that within the 100 premises investigated, there was little awareness of food safety risks associated with eggs and that recommended good practice is not widespread.

<p>The final report presents data on the levels of awareness and practice of safe handling and storage of eggs and foods containing eggs, the use of pasteurised egg products and awareness of egg safety as an element of food hygiene training.

<p>Find more about this project and other FSA food safety-related projects at the <a href="; target="_blank">Food Standards Agency Research webpage</a>.

University of Salford
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