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POLFOOD - Research and Innovation in Food Technologies - Brokering European Partnership and Transfer of Knowledge to Poland by Series of Practical Workshops


The aim of POLFOOD is to promote among the researchers and industry operating in the Polish and other ACC food sectors participation in the 6th Framework Programme, Priority 5 "Food quality and safety" research and development projects.

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ACC institutions active in a field of food industry are not sufficiently experienced in coordinating such projects as well as cooperating with leading institution in the EU. They are also not enough informed of the results and achievements of previous EU projects and each ACC, including Polish, RTD programmes should be strongly linked with the European research.<P>

In order to improve the present situation a series of five practical workshops in five different Polish regions will be organized. The workshops will bring the researchers, enterprises, including SMEs, business support organizations and public control institutions representing the food sector to promote the results of EU, Polish and other ACC research projects in given topic and with current issues of research and industry in Poland and other ACC and with the FP6 participating opportunities. The project will be an opportunity to discuss The future of specific part of the food sector addressed in each workshop in the light of the EU enlargement and to contact potential partners on prearranged meetings. SMEs will participate in the special practical course on the use of new technologies in their activities. Through its 17 months duration, POLFOOD will provide five specialized brochures on each workshops and one general summing up the results and dedicated to SMEs. The specific website will be created as well as database of Polish institutions (research, public bodies and SMEs) active in food sector which will be a basis for future partner search. The dissemination of POLFOOD results will create a platform for encouraging Polish and other ACC institutions to participate in EU Framework Programmes.
For more information about this project, please visit the <a href="…; target="_blank">European Commission Food Quality and Safety in Europe</a> Web site.

Ksiazek, Elzbieta
Poznan Science and Technology Park
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