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Pre-Harvest Microbiological Risk Assessment


<UL> <LI> Establishing the pre-requisites for pre-harvest MRA models
<LI>Cataloguing existing or ongoing work on pre-harvest MRA
<LI>Developing interactive and multidisciplinary approaches for pre-harvest MRA
<LI>Testing the developed methods through specific case-studies

More information

Progress: Few existing farm-to-consumption microbial risk assessment (MRA) models, used to evaluate risk management options along the food chain, have included the farm phase in great detail. This is likely due to a lack of data and sophisticated modelling techniques that can account for the complexity of processes and practices that occur in primary production. In Workpackage14, a number of prominent and promising modelling methods and techniques were evaluated for their usefulness in pre-harvest modelling. An overview of current pre-harvest MRA’s was obtained by circulating a questionnaire within national scientific networks. Information on 18 projects, that covered all major animal productions found in Europe was collected and this information revealed which data are available for future assessments. Many remaining research questions were identified that need answering. Selected model pathways and data requirements were suggested for each of the major production types in Europe. These reports are publically available. It has been concluded that by including economic modelling in the assessment, the expression of risk estimates in monetary and non-monetary effects would greatly improve the usefulness of MRA output as decision-support for risk managers


Danish Institute for Food and Veterinary Research
Technical University of Denmark (DTU)
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