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Preparatory support for the statistical evaluation of the comparative assessment of GM plant field trials and for the evaluation of toxicological studies for GM plant food/feed safety


The purpose for lot 1 is to provide statistical support to the EFSA GMO panel with respect to the statistical analysis of the collected data in relation to food and feed (FF) risk assessment according to the requirements described in the EFSA GMO panel STATS Opinion, incorporated in the FF GD and the Implementing Regulation (Regulation (EU) No 503/2013).
The purpose for lot 2 is to provide preparatory support to the EFSA GMO panel for the evaluation of the compliance of toxicological studies, performed for the safety assessment of GM plants, to the appropriate standardised guidelines or to EFSA Scientific Committee guidance (2011b) as referred to in the Implementing Regulation (EU) 503/2013.

University of Hasselt
National Food Institute (Technical University Denmark)
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