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Prevent the Occurrence of Toxins in Water to Protect Food and the Environment


Identify and quantitate biologically active compounds (i.e. toxins, mycotoxins, alkaloids, etc.) in water, which may occur from a variety of sources, such as algae, unknown sources associated with amphibian declines and deformities, animal feeding operations or municipal sewage treatment plants.

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APPROACH: Through collaboration with other laboratories, water or food known to contain a biologically active compound(s) (i.e. toxins, pharmaceuticals, estrogenic substances, etc.) will be analyzed to characterize the nature of the biologically active compound(s). Initially,this may involve developing an assay for the biologically active compound,such as a bioassay. Subsequent, separation techniques will be utilized to purify the biologically active compound. Once isolated, immuno, instrumental,or analytical analyses will be developed to quantitate the biologically active compound in water or food.

Shelver, Weilin; Shappell, Nancy; Larsen, Gerald
USDA - Agricultural Research Service
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