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Proactive assessment of changing genetics and toxin profile of the cereal disease-causing Fusarium species and impact on health and commerce


A three year survey will be conducted of the strains of Fusarium graminearum causing disease on wheat and corn across the breadth of Ontario. The chemotype of the three known populations of F. graminearum that occur on cereals will be assessed using multiplex PCR targeted to Tri1, Tri3 and Tri12 gene sequences. Chemical analysis will be conducted by LC MS MS for deoxynivalenol, the two acetates along with all known metabolites. Extracts will be produced from cultures grown under conditions reliable known to optimize production of Fusarium metabolites. This will allow for the comprehensive characterization of the strains. Regional patterns that emerge will be mapped to discern the impact of temperature on their distribution. This will allow proactive surveillance for the fungal genotypes and their toxins in Ontario, resulting in increased capacity to reliably test for emerging mycotoxins. This work will allow intelligence gathering about potential new challenges.

Miller, John David
Carleton University
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