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This Proposal Is For An Agreement That Uses Existing Egg Safety Efforts and Data in The Development of A National Integrated Food Safety System Based On Mutual Reliance Between Fda and The State.


Project SummaryThe California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) supports several food safetyprograms that are well-positioned to participate in projects that explore the practicalitiesof an integrated food safety model. California's Egg Safety and Quality Management(ESQM) program provides an important and unique opportunity for realizing such aproject consistent with the goals of furthering a national state-federal integrated foodsafety system.In accordance with the U.S Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) goals to achieve amutual reliance agreement with states in order to fulfill the Food Safety ModernizationAct's requirements, CDFA/ESQM intends to efficiently utilize its existing stateinspections and data to feed into a risk-based inspection process and provide technicalsupport and training to states.Through this funding opportunity, ESQM plans to hire an Environmental Scientist inorder to work with FDA to develop a Risk-Based Point System that will be used todetermine frequency of inspections. The point system will also be used to determine thetype and method of inspections. Collected data will be analyzed during the projectperiod so that recommendations for adjustments in methods or protocol can be made.CDFA/ESQM will work with the FDA in developing shared information systems that areaccessible to both agencies. These systems would include data collection, firmidentifying and registration information, real-time inspection results, and riskassessment status. These goals target the development and execution of a nationalintegrated food safety system

Herrera, Tony
California Department of Food Agriculture, Animal Health and Food Safety Services
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