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PROSAFEBEEF - Improving the Safety of Beef and Beef Products for the Consumer in Production and Processing


The overall objective of ProSafeBeef is to reduce microbiological and chemical contaminants in beef and beef products and to enhance quality, choice and diversity in the beef-chain in order to boost consumer trust and invigorate the industry.

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The EU has a strategically important global position in terms of beef. In 2003 the EU-25 region produced 8.06 million tons and consumed 8.32 million tons of beef and beef products, estimated at 75 billion. However, CAP reform, increased globalisation, reduced commodity prices and an increasingly sophisticated, health-conscious consumer is motivating the beef-chain to produce beef and beef products that are convenient, traceable, nutritious and of consistent eating quality.
Alongside these considerations and of paramount importance given the serious impact of beef health scares, today's consumer demands assurances about the safety of beef and beef products.

ProSafeBeef will achieve its objectives by deployment of four main instruments concerned with
<LI> development and application of quantitative risk assessment models to monitor, trace and reduce microbial /chemical contamination in the beef chain
<LI> develop novel control and intervention strategies for microbial pathogens at key points in the beef chain to maximise the safety of beef and beef products
<LI> satisfy consumer demand for diversity and choice and invigorate and add value to the beef chain by developing innovative processing techniques and products and
<LI> engage with SMEs, expert collaborators from 3rd countries and INCO partners with a vested interest in beef export to assist in delivery of the ProSafeBeef project.
These activities will permit ProSafeBeef to deliver to the beef industry an innovative toolbox of novel methodologies and practices that will contribute to the imperative need for a viable European beef chain, operating at a competitive and sustainable level for its stakeholders while at the same time delivering safe, high quality product to its many consumers.

For more information about this project, please visit the <a href="…; target="_blank">European Commission Food Quality and Safety in Europe</a> Web site.

Troy, Declan
Teagasc, The National Food Centre
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