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Proteomic Characterisation of Signalling Pathways that Mediate Adaptation to Acid pH in Spoilage Yeast


Spoilage of foods and beverages by yeasts and moulds is a widespread economic problem. These organisms spoil products because they are able to adapt and grow under the extreme environmental conditions, such as acid pH, that are often used to preserve foods. Little is known about the physiological and molecular mechanisms that confer the ability to grow at very low pH. <P>
Thus, we aim to use proteomics to: <OL> <LI> Identify and characterise the function of proteins that allow yeast to adapt and grow at acid pH. <LI> Describe the key proteins involved in signalling acid stress that allow yeasts to perceive and activate an adaptive response.</ol> This should identify novel protein targets, and thus new routes, to prevent or reduce spoilage of foods.

University of St Andrews
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