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Quantitative and Molecular Analysis of 7,12-Dimethylbenz[a]anthracene-induced mutations in the model Blue Rat: Comparison of Mutagenesis in the Transgene lacI with the Endogenous Gene hprt and Cancer Genes H-ras and P53


1. To determine the mutant frequency and mutation spectrum of the lacI transgene of the Blue Rat following exposure to DMBA in surrogate and target tissues and compare these mutant frequencies and mutational spectra to those determined in Objectives 2 and 3; 2. To determine the mutant frequency and mutation spectrum of the endogenous Hprt reporter gene in T-lymphocytes from the spleens of Fisher 344 and Blue Rats following exposure to DMBA; 3. To induce mammary tumors in Fischer 344 rats and Blue Rats by exposure to DMBA and screen tumor DNA for mutations in the oncogene, H-ras and the tumor suppressor gene, p53.

Manjanatha, Mugimane
DHHS/FDA - National Center for Toxicological Research
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